Craigslist Hidden Treasures: Tables Under $70

I am pleased to announce a new series on the JUGs blog called "Craigslist Hidden Treasures." As our blog is still in the infant stages you probably don't know much about us. This will be one of my many posts about interior design, a particular passion and hobby of mine. As a young adult, interior design to me is often paired with the phrase "on a budget" and therefore involves reinvention and DIY.

Because of my budget restraints I frequently find myself browsing Craigslist and looking for ways to spruce up my interiors for cheap. As my apartment if not the size I wish it was, most often I have to let "unnecessary" items on Craigslist slip away...until now! Now with our new blog I am very happy to pass along my hidden treasures to others, along with suggestions to help get your interiors in tip top shape.

To kick-off the series off I am starting with tables - large and practical items that in some cases require no work at all. However, if you do want to spice up your space and makes these tables statement pieces, my suggestions are below.


I think this piece is an absolute great find. It could also be used in a variety of ways such as in an entryway, as a vanity or as a sofa table. It's tough to tell from the pictures but it appears to have a fresh stain and be in good condition. It could easily just be styled and voila!

If you want to get adventurous with the table and transform it into a statement piece, I think a high gloss black would be stunning. I also like the idea of highlighting the grooves and details with gold.

I also am a huge fan of bright colors, and a bold purple could be a great pop if you want to explore a more funky and eclectic route. Or maybe another jewel tone like jade. What's great about paint is that it is always changeable - maybe next year you could paint it orange!


The curves on these tables scream feminine and romantic. They are in great condition, though I don't love the stain.  

I'd recommend painting them and then flanking your bed. If you have extra money to spend you could always change out the hardware with pieces found at Anthropologie or your local hardware store.

I had to take the opportunity to say it, the three drawers really make me want to try an ombre affect. I love the idea of using blush tones like the example above, but when it comes down to it I am always weary of trends. Luckily you could always paint over it when you're sick of ombre! 

- Suzanne

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