Discussion Questions for Four Fish by Paul Greenberg


Book Clubs are a great way for gals of all ages to meet with friends and engage in intellectual discussions. All three of the Just Us Gals co-authors partake in book clubs, so we hope to share our reading suggestions and discussion ideas on this blog each month. Our current read is Four Fish by Paul Greenberg, and we will use the following questions to spark discussion/debate at our meeting (while stuffing our faces with wine and cheese of course!)

1. Lets start off with a softball: what is your favorite type of seafood? Was it addressed in the book?

2. If you were at a restaurant that only served salmon, bass, cod, and tuna, which would you order, and why?

3. If the same restaurant also offered tilapia, tra, pollock, barramundi, and Hawaiian kahala, would that change your order?

4. Do you go fishing? If so, do you eat what you catch?

5. Before reading the book, what did you think of farmed seafood? Has your opinion changed?

6. We’re not judging, (well, maybe we are a little...) but, have you ever eaten unethical seafoods like shark fin soup, whale, or bluefin tuna? What was the situation? Why do you think it was on the menu?

7. Did this book make you wonder about other food industries? Or would you rather not know?

8. Do you think economically developing countries should have higher catch allowances than richer countries?

9. Have you been following the current debate over commercial fishing on George’s Bank? Thoughts?

If you enjoy discussing these questions, there is also an upcoming opportunity to speak with Paul Greenberg as part of The Nature Conservacy’s Future of Food event. The event is a panel discussion about how food presents conservation issues. It will be on Monday, April 22, 2013 (Earth Day!) from 6 pm - 9:30 pm at

The Arts for Humanity EpiCenter, 100 West 2nd St., South Boston.

Click here for more information and to register for the event.

- Cameron