Wanderlust. Warning: Contagious!

Given the frigid temperatures the northeast has presented these last few weeks, my mind has been wandering to a warmer climate.  I am one who was born with the "travel bug."  For me, it has been SIX years since I studied abroad.  I miss it all on a daily basis... just deciding on a whim to weekend in another European country, try the local delicacies, see the sights and party with locals.  Lately, more than ever, I have been yearning to hop on a plane and go pretty much anywhere my imagination [read: imaginary unlimited budget] would take me.  Anyone down for a tropical escape?  Anyone?
At any rate, it sure is fun to daydream!  I tend to start my days in bringing my Tervis cup to Starbucks to be filled with their crack-like coffee.  In addition to getting a whopping $0.10 off each drink for being green and bringing a reusable cup, it always yields a smile when the message on it sinks in for the reader: Quit your job/Buy a ticket/Get a tan/Fall in love/Never return.  I couldn't help but buying something with this slogan on it last summer when on the Vineyard. (FYI, it supports hot & cold drinks and is 24 oz, while the typical "venti" is 20 oz., so you get more bang for your 'buck without questioning by your barista!) 
This post is not sponsored by The Island Company, but Spencer's mantra is one everyone should adopt! I have a cut-out of it on my desk whenever I need a minute to mentally escape.  It may help you get through the New England winters like it does me, looking forward to escapes of any kind, especially with NYC up this weekend!

Daydreaming is the first step toward our plan of following this and retiring to an island by age 30 (err...40?)!  Read up on the story behind the company's mantra here


Wishing wanderlust upon all of you, gals!  Tell us, where does your mind wander?

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- Meredith