What to Bring on a Bus Back from NYC

This one seems obvious. You missed your train because you were too hung over and now you have to take the bus back. Basically you're in hell. Here's what to pack to make it somewhat less hellish:

1. A sweatshirt shield. You can use it to a) pretend you're still in college and it's acceptable that you look like this b) pretend to be someone else c) pretend you're in a Snuggie on your couch, not on a bus next to some weirdo.

2. No words please, just



3. Fuel up - pretend you're gonna undo all the damage you've done with a water and caesar salad but then you add the wrap, the bagel on the side, the soda, and then the cheetos.



- hide me. Duh.

5. Seems obvious.

6. Also seems obvious.

- Suzanne