JUGs in the Kitchen: Stuffed Night Potluck

The perfect way to do a fun dinner on a budget is to throw a potluck with your friends. It gives everyone a chance to try out a new recipe, without the pressure of hosting a full-on dinner party. Plus, not all us gals have enough space to host a real dinner party (I mean, seriously, North End and Beacon Hill apartments don’t often have enough room for a dining table that seats 4, not to mention one for 8 or 10!) So potlucks are perfect for setting up a buffet and letting guests wander and eat in a more parlor-esque setting.

Hosting a potluck sounds kind of drab, but there are a million ways to add flare to this age-old dinner tradition. For example, my friends and I recently held a “stuffed” themed potluck, and we all had to cook to the theme:

First course: sausage & cheese stuffed olives, goat cheese, almond, and walnut stuffed dates, stuffed mushrooms, and goat cheese & fig stuffed croissants.

Main course: stuffed peppers (vegetarian and meat varieties), stuffed shells, stuffed chicken breasts

Dessert: whoopie pies and lobster tails (both, obviously, stuffed.)

There was also plenty of wine, and a champagne toast for two gals that recently got engaged.

Needless to say, at the end of the meal, I was stuffed. It was a fabulous night and I’m already brainstorming ideas for the next potluck. Any suggestions?

- Cameron