Night at the Museum: Isabella Stewart Gardner

Just last week, the FBI announced that it found the culprits of the 1990 heist in which $500 million in masterpieces were stolen from the

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

. What better time to visit this historical Boston gem?!

When visiting art museums, it can be hard to concentrate. Instead of thinking of the purpose of an exhibit as a whole, it is easy to just go from piece to piece thinking of each one in its own context. So, to get the most out of a museum trip, it is fun to have questions to focus your visit (they can also be good group talking points for a post-museum cocktail).

Here are some basic questions for a trip to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum:

1. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum isn’t set up like a traditional art museum. What are the pros and cons of this layout? Have you been to other museums like it?

2. What does the museum tell you about Isabella’s taste? If you could ask her just one question, what would it be?

3. If your dream home was to be turned into a museum, what would it look like? What message would it portray to future generations?

4. Do you think the missing paintings from the infamous heist will ever be found? Why or for what purpose do you think someone would buy a famously stolen painting?






- Cameron