Pics from the Weekend

Hi gals, just wanted to share some of my photos from this weekend. On Saturday my friends and I took a sweet little stroll through one of my favorite Boston neighborhoods, Fort Point. My main attraction: the newly opened

Trillium Brewing Company

on Congress Street. Currently the company cannot serve visitors so be warned that the location is mainly the headquarters with retail (t-shirts, growlers, etc). Even if this saddens you as much as it does me, it's still worth a pop in to check out the modern industrial decor. Hopefully they'll be able to start serving soon...

Our Second Stop: Summertime favorite

Barking Crab

 (made me so anxious to wear a summer dress). My favorite part of going to the Crab is the walk along the old pedestrian bridge where every time I stop and stare at my dream home (above). Can you imagine the views out the (*my*) kitchen window?! Sigh.

Last Stop: Once over the bridge and back downtown we settled in and wrapped up the afternoon / started the evening off right at

Granary Tavern


What did you do this weekend? We'd love to hear about your favorite neighborhood strolls in Boston!

- Suzanne