Sunday's True Confession

Sometimes we just want to be someone else... when "that guy" hits on you at a bar, when the take-out person asks for your name before calling it out over the intercom, when that talkative cabbie wants to know information about you, we've all been there.  It can often be easiest to just use a fake name...

Even before these common occurrences, I adopted an alias for take out orders.  None of our names are difficult or uncommon in this country, but my name has constantly been butchered.  Going forward, I decided to be "Amy."  We all know an Amy, Amy is easy to pronounce no matter how it is spelled (Amy/Aimee/Amie).  It is short, simple, and pretty tough to screw up.  I decided Amy was going to be like my credit card:used sparingly, when needed.

Fast forward a decade or so into my adult life when I became a regular customer of Starbucks.  I now use my real name when at my neighborhood coffee shop and regular Starbucks locations on the way to work.  But, if I'm hitting a new venue or location for take out, I tend to be Amy.

For the record, I love my name and have no intention of ever actually being Amy.  But, truth be told, I just can't let her go quite yet.  I know I'm not alone, there are even blogs out there (here and here) with real life examples of this same pet peeve!  Do you ever use an alias?