What's the deal with Grouper?

I was accidentally one of the first Bostonians to join Grouper, and now I’m constantly asked “so what is the deal with Grouper anyway?” Its time to get all the info out in the open once and for all.

I first heard about the dating site Grouper from an old boyfriend (seriously) who had gone on a couple Groupers in NYC and loved it. The idea of the site is that you sign up and a matchmaker is assigned to check you out on Facebook. The matchmaker confidentially looks through your profile and matches you up with a guy who seems like he’d be a good fit, and then the matchmaker picks a place and time for you to meet. You and your match are both required to bring two friends, then you meet for drinks as a group of six.

I know the thought of someone you don’t know going through your facebook profile seems weird, but I actually think the grouper method is great: First, its not like other dating sites where you have a to create a facebook-esque profile that the dudes will judge you on, instead, your potential matches know absolutely nothing about you beforehand which gives you the total freedom to never see them again if you don’t exchange information on the Grouper. Secondly, the matchmaker will do their best to pick a guy that is at your level with looks, education, interests, etc., so its their job to make sure you don’t end up with a bunch of freaks - not yours.

I’ve been on four Groupers now, and I’ve had a blast. I haven’t found a love connection, but its been fun getting to know different people throughout the city. Grouper has the adrenaline rush of a blind date but lets you lean on your friends, which is key. The only issue I’ve run into is that sometimes only one or two guys show up. It isn’t fair to anyone if there is only one guy and three (disappointed) girls. So guys, if you sign up for one, get your act together!

- Cameron