...and They're Off!

Today marks the 117th year of the annual Boston Marathon, run (no pun intended) by the Boston Athletic Association (BAA).  It is the oldest marathon in the world and one of the most exciting events throughout the year for our city.  Most have the day off in observance of Patriot's Day.  In fact, close to 500,000 people are out to cheer on incredible athletes lucky enough to obtain a coveted spot in this 26.2 mile race.  That makes up about 80% of Boston's population!  Never fear, the route that starts in Hopkinton and ends on Boylston Street in Back Bay offers plenty of options for you to watch. 


Be sure to get a spot early so you have view of those running, whether it be for the amazing feat of the completion itself, running for a charitable cause, or the inspirational Team Hoyt (now in their 31st year!).  This year the weather is cooperating (last year was over 90 degrees!), so let us know where you will be and if you know someone running so the JUGs can cheer them on!

- Meredith