Book Club: Discussion Questions for Rules of Civility by Amor Towles

Our book for this month is Amor Towles’ novel Rules of Civility. Here are some basic questions to get a book club discussion going (I mean, lets try not to gossip the whole time).

1. We are around the same age as the main character, Katey. Did you find her relatable even though her story takes place 75 years ago?

2. Popular literature, movies, and TV often delve into the topic of a character climbing the social strata (think Pride & Prejudice, Downton Abbey, Revenge, heck - even the Real Housewives). Do you think there really is such a strong distinction between classes in today’s society? Why is this such a popular theme?

3. Would you have felt differently if the entire story wasn’t a flashback? I mean, we knew from the start that her husband wasn’t going to be any of the men in the main part of the story.

4. The story features very strong female characters, yet it was written by a man. Do you think the book would have been different if it was written by a woman?

5. Tinker. What's the deal? What is the motive behind his actions? Are they well thought out?

6. Eve tells Katey, “I like it just fine on this side of the windshield.” Which side are you living on? Have you ever experienced such a watershed moment in your life?


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