Happy Opening Day!


Bostonians are still trying to forget about last year's dismal baseball season.  The Red Sox are notoriously known for being the underdog, but the 2012 team and management put us over the edge.  As a city with a strong fan base and many championships won in recent years, a new season, new players and staff bring hope to lovers of the game.

It was recently announced that Fenway is offering promotions for all games in the month of April, starting with our home opener against Baltimore this afternoon.  For the first time since 2004, the Red Sox will also bring back 12-ounce domestic draft beer for $5 (compared to the usual $8.50+).  That should get you inside the doors of Fenway even in the breezy spring weather!

The JUGs often attend games, and we're hoping that tickets stay somewhat affordable this year.  A baseball game is the perfect group activity to break up the work week, too!  Start brushing up on "Sweet Caroline," and we'll see you at the "pahk!"

- Meredith