Night at the Museum: Omni Theater

As a Boston-area kid, I grew up going to the

Museum of Science

at least once a year. But, as a twenty-something, I realized that somehow it had been about 10 years since I last saw a show at the

Mugar Omni Theater!

So on Wednesday, a group of gal-friends and I went to see

"The Last Reef."

In the midst of the Boston Marathon Tragedy investigation, the museum was eerily empty, but it felt good to be out with friends supporting such a great Boston institution.

The Last Reef was fantastic! It featured some truly breathtaking images of the Bikini coral reefs and the odd creatures that live there (our favorites were the sea cool!). After learning some fun facts about reef creatures, the movie highlighted some of the major threats to the future of the world's coral reefs - but no worries, it ended with an uplifting message. The best part, Omni tickets are about the same price as a regular movie theater!