Play if You Dare!

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Does your gaggle of gals need a new game to spice up your next get together?  Look. No. Further.  Cards Against Humanity is THE party game.  In reading up on its history, it was developed and released a few years ago by some admittedly awkward dudes in the Chicago area and has been a hit ever since. 

I first played with cousins during a get together this past winter.  After a few short rounds of hysterically perverse phrases, I was instantly hooked and decided I had to own this game.  Panic was about to set in when I saw that the game was sold out online, until noting the option to download a pdf and print a homemade set.  The timing could not have been more perfect, as I was about to head north for a JUGs (après) ski weekend with a large group and wanted to bring some entertainment.  Needless to say, this game is quite the icebreaker.  Card combinations continue to be endless with the creators releasing extension packs (*adds to shopping cart*).
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Be sure to brush up on your pop culture, current events and maybe try a few practice rounds in their lab before playing... you don't want to admit to "never have I ever" [heard of this].  The game is just $25, with optional extension packs for $10 each you'll surely need soon after sifting through the first 500 cards with your revelrous group! 

We'd love to hear a (clean) recap of your CAH playing experience!

- Meredith