Recap: Culture & Communications Workshop with Verily Magazine

Last weekend JUGs co-author, Meredith, and I went to the Women’s Evolving Contribution to Communication workshop at the

Bayridge Residence

hosted by Kara Eschbach of

Verily Magazine

. Young women came from all around the Boston area to discuss how women are portrayed in common visual media. The discussion was one of frustration with popular media outlets - we are sick of seeing anorexic models, the term “plus size”, and people telling us that we can

“have it all”

- WE KNOW! Our conclusion: what it means to “have it all” is very different from person to person. We are tired of hearing what it “all” should be - we want to create our own versions of “it all”. We can have it all by becoming the best, most honest versions of ourselves, and, of course, by being conscious consumers of media.


Kara Eschbach, Editor-In-Chief, Verily Magazine

As an alternative to traditional magazines, Verily Magazine gives women what they really want to read - real looking people, stories with unique perspectives, and wholesome beauty & fashion spreads. We love the idea of Verily as a new modern voice for women, and we can’t wait to see their upcoming issues. I highly suggest checking out the

free teaser issue

- it is awesome!

- Cameron