True Confession: You Bought it, Where?!

my last day with Jamal, circa 2005
Ever since I started working at the age of 13, I knew that my savings would be going toward my first car.  Between the many hours at jobs A, B and C worked up until age 16, I had reached my goal.  After scouring many resources (local dealerships, newspaper, Craigslist, etc.), I was set on a search tool that I believed (and was endorsed by my parents) would lead me to my first vehicle: eBay.  After many weeks of research, I found it.  A Jeep Cherokee, sold by someone in Kingston, MA, luckily allowing the buyer to test drive before the sale was final.  My dad and I headed to the south shore to further investigate.  It was love at fist sight.

"Jamal the Jeep" and I had some great times together.  eBay proved to be a resource many may overlook!