Recap: Ask4More


Have you heard of

Levo League

?  It is an online community for Gen Y gals like ourselves to network, find jobs, obtain mentorship and career advice.  Similar to their online presence, the local chapter of Levo hosts events in popular cities so that you can participate in an open forum in person.  Last week, I attended a session called "

Ask 4 More

," about how you should "

lean in

" in your career by asking for more at work, starting from a job offer, to negotiating more responsibility and pay raises to climbing the corporate ladder one step at a time.  The group consisted of young professionals in various fields, yet we all had a common ground of yearning for more.  I learned a lot about our the vast potential we have in our careers.  Here are some of the

main takeaway points


  • Negotiation is problem solving.
  • The goal is not to get a deal.  The goal is to get a good deal.
  • Be sure to pair competence with a "communal" approach that equally weighs the good of your counterpart, your team and/or the organization as a whole.
  • Negotiation is more than just a salary discussion.

Participants in the discussion had some helpful tips in addition to the

information presented by Levo


  • TED talks: offer motivational and informative videos relating to the business world
  • Have a BATNA (Best Available alternative To a Negotiated Agreement) mentally stored so that you maintain standards and are not short changed
  • You don't have to answer something (job offer, pay change offer, etc.) right away! Take your time to do your research.  It is okay to simply say "Let me think about that and get back to you." (Something that your manager most likely should, too!)
  • Utilize online tools (here and here) as benchmark guides
  • Don't negotiate against yourself (Jack Donaghy is a great example)

After this relaxed, open discussion, I know I'll be attending other Levo sessions.  Next on my reading list is

Lean In

, by Sheryl Sandberg, getting a lot of hype these days!

Be sure to explore

Levo League

for updates on the latest advice worldwide in addition to events in the area.  We'll be sure to tweet about which ones we'll be attending!  How have you asked for more in your job? What worked? What did not work?

- Meredith