Sunday's True Confession

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Everyone has their own fears due to an event from their past, or just stemming from an irrational reason.  Mine is somewhat common, BIRDS.  I have never liked birds, especially as a domestic pet (more on that in an upcoming confession), but this fear did not fully develop until a movie recommendation by my dad for a sleepover I had with a friend in the 5th grade.  Since it was such a "classic," we rented Alfred Hickcock's "The Birds."  The movie is from the 60s and depicts a small California town is suddenly attacked by swarms of birds for a few days, for no apparent reason.  I mean, COME ON.  This is scary!

This fear was especially tough to face in Venice, Italy while studying abroad that semester.  Piazza del Marco is known for the copious amount of pigeons that "beg" from tourists.  As a city girl, birds are not always around, but I still flinch when birds of any kind (sea gull, pigeon, finch) swoops closer than I'd like.  As in, visibly scouring and verbally wincing if they're too close for comfort... which is most of the time.  Ugh, WHY must they fly so closely to humans when they have plenty of sky to utilize?!