The Gals Behind Just Us Gals: Part 1

By now, we realize most of you are wondering who the gals behind JUGs are and why they (we) are writing this blog. Well, we finally sat down and drafted up all the reasons why! So, without further adieu...

Hi! I'm Suzanne, a graphic and web designer, interior design enthusiast, blog addict, Boston advocate and DIY attempter. 

In 2009 I graduated from St. Lawrence University with no idea of what to do next so I spent the next six months bouncing between retail jobs and internships before heading back to school. Going back to school was a big decision for me, but I decided it was the right time to pursue an old dream of working for a fashion magazine and study graphic and web design. After finishing my program I was hit with the harsh reality that a) jobs at well known fashion magazines are really really hard to get, b) mostly in New York, and c) going digital. So, I turned to the next best thing for me and joined a boutique branding and interactive firm in Boston where I work with a variety of clients on really fun projects.

As web design has become my day job, design and style blogging has become my side passion and outlet for all other things related to my personal style. Through blogging I find inspiration and the best forms of encouragement. For years I followed my favorite blogs (design*sponge, apartment therapy, sf girl by bay, and atlantic-pacific), but always felt a little left out as none of the blogs featured my beloved city.

It wasn't till 2013, after numerous discussions with Meredith and Cameron about how Boston really does have just as much to offer as the other blogged about cities, that I finally joined the blog community as we set up our first blog, Just Us Gals. For us the blog is meant to be a way to share what we enjoy doing in our city as young 20 somethings. On Just Us Gals you'll find me blogging about a well styled life on a budget, local discoveries, and pretty much anything and everything I think any outgoing gal my age would want to join in on. 

Favorite spot in your neighborhood: Charles Street

Favorite thing about Boston: The fact that it's on the water

T or Taxi: Walking

Polka Dots or Stripes: Stripes

Coffee of Tea: Tea

Running or Yoga: Trotting