The Gals Behind Just Us Gals: Part 3

Hi, I’m Cameron, the third co-author of Just Us Gals Boston. After graduating from St. Lawrence University in 2009, I moved back to Boston to pursue a career in environmental policy. My passion for sustainability inspired me to start

Boston Green Blog

in 2010. I use BGB to foster awareness for the green movement in the city, and it has helped me build many meaningful connections both on and offline. I am a member of

New England Women in Energy and the Environment (NEWIEE)


New Generation Energy’s Young & Green

. I am also a green living blogger for

Merida Meridian




 However, sustainability is not my only interest, and I am excited to be a co-author of JUGs to explore my love of books, art, and local events. I enjoy exploring Boston’s cultural offerings and I’m sure you’ll find that many of my posts are recaps of events, museum exhibits, as well as reviews of my favorite restaurants, bars, and Boston-based businesses. As the self-proclaimed “nerd” of the group, I am glad to work with 




(some of my most stylish friends) to bring the best of the city to Boston gals through JUGs!

A little more about me: I love action/mystery movies, baked mac n cheese, and south asian architecture. I love swimming but have a fear of fish. My signature style is a short jersey dress, a scarf, and dangly earrings. I’m pretty goofy and love collecting lame jokes. Knock, knock....!

Favorite spot in your neighborhood: The Mirabella Pool in the North End. I look forward to its opening all year!

Favorite thing about Boston: The community, you know, that small-town camaraderie.

T or Taxi? The T! I get wicked carsick in cabs.

Polka dots or stripes? floral prints please!

Coffee or Tea: Iced coffee all year round.

Running or Yoga: Yoga

Gold or silver: Gold