Who's That Gal? Vol. 1: Anna from {Dear Friend}

We've mentioned

{dear friend}

on our blog


, but we really can't get over Anna. For that reason we couldn't think of anyone better to be "our first" for our new interview series on Just Us Gals. We love meeting new gals and learning about what drives them, whether it be blogging, art, their careers, or any other passion. We find it inspiring, encouraging, and just overall awesome and thought what's a better place to talk about these stories than on our blog?!

So to get right to it, here's what we learned about Anna when we spent a lovely Saturday afternoon getting to know her...

1. How did you start your blog?

I started because two of my friends had a blog that talked about J.Crew and other products they liked in a really funny way, and I wanted to do

something similar

. I

began blogging

four years ago


literally just talking about things I liked


silly things, like my Canon camera or a new sauce from Burger King.

At first, i



just for me; no one was reading it but my family and friends. Then, my friend’s husband,

a graphic designer, suggested I get a dot com. I didn’t want it to be my name anymore, that’s when I r

etitled my blog

“Dear Friend”  

and started posting more seriously. The new blog name was inspired from how

my friends

call each other

“Friend,” and


I love writing letters. After that,

my subject matter began to evolve

and I also got more involved in the blogging community.

2. What blogs are on your daily read list?

Ordinary Tales

- I really liked her because I felt like we were in the same place. I actually met her in NYC and now she is my friend.

Nat the Fat Rat

- She inspires me to be spontaneous.

E Tells Tales

- Her life story just sucked me in right away.

I like NYC blogs for some reason. And mom blogs. For Boston blogs I like

Tales of Me and My Husband

. She’s a mom too.

Love Taza

is another great NYC photo blog.

3. How do you like living in Boston?

I love living in Boston. I love that Boston is walkable, the architecture and the neighborhood “pockets.”

4. Is there anything that you wish you could bring from Syracuse?

I’m a lake person, I didn’t grow up on the ocean so what is missing is Skaneateles Lake. I feel like people that grow up on oceans are strictly ocean people and same for people that grow up around lakes.

5. On an average Saturday what could we find you doing in Boston?

Taking the train in either Beacon Hill or Back Bay and walking around, taking pictures.

6. Favorite meal in Boston?


(South End) - Corn on the cob and the potatoes with that dipping sauce.

7. We love the photography from your blog. What is your favorite subject to photograph?

Cities. I love architecture...and streets.

8. What is the next city you want to photograph?

Definitely San Francisco. This summer I want to drive from San Francisco up the coast to Seattle.

9.  This or That?



-Plane or Train


-Polka Dots or Stripes

Polka Dots

-Coffee or Tea


10. Last book you read?

The Hobbit, I didn't like

 it. I’m a Harry Potter person. The last book I read and loved though was The Time Traveler’s Wife.

We'd like to express a big t h a n k  y o u to Anna for being our first interview, we were so nervous! 

By now I'm sure some of our readers are wondering who we, the JUGs, are... but don't worry! We did a secret little photo shoot with Anna and will be debuting our own personal interviews, bios, and photos from that shoot in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!