Discussion Questions for Life of Pi





1. Lets start with a softball: if you had to give the book a letter grade, what would you give?

2. How did Pi's exploration with faith in the beginning of the book affect his journey at sea?

3. Why did Pi feel such a strong connection with all three religions?

4. What is the significance of the floating islands with the meerkats?

5. What does Pi communicate to the Japanese officials through animals?

6. Was Pi a convincing story teller?

7. Which version of Pi's story do you prefer? Which do you believe?

8. What is the relationship between faith and belief?

9. We’ve read a few survival-at-sea novels (Unbroken, Ahab’s Wife) how does this one compare?

Stay tuned! Next month we will be discussing

Kitchen House

by Kathleen Grissom

- Cameron