JUGs Approved: The Catalina weekender

Don't forget this party must-have!
A few weeks ago, one of my favorite blogs, A Piece of Toast, posted a review of this bag.  After mere minutes, I knew I had to own it.  I had learned about the brand in the fall when I noticed the O.M.G. bag seemed to be everywhere.  In looking at its functional style yet high price tag, I never bit the bullet.  I am SO glad I did with The Catalina, though!  I used it last weekend, am using it this coming weekend and will definitely be using it for NYC this coming week (already did a "dry-pack"... more out outfits next week!).  I really cannot get enough!  I had a very tough time with color choice as both are classic neutrals, but I went with the grey.  My favorite feature has to be the shoe/towel pouch at the bottom.  I can't stand when shoe debris gets onto clothing during travel, keeping this separate was a genius design idea and execution. 

The canvas material allows you to fold it up as a second bag when using a suitcase for a longer trip.  Boom, there is your spacious carry-on!  Clearly, The Catalina is such a great value for your next summer excursion!  There is now a wait list, are you surprised as to why?!

- Meredith