Menu Ideas

This 4th of July bring the unexpected. We all know you can do no wrong with the staple items (hamburger, hot dogs, guac, american flag Bud Lights), but also know that three other people will probably bring the same thing. 

To avoid this fiasco I propose introducing the following change ups to your BBQ menu:

I have recently discovered that pulled pork sliders are so incredibly easy to make. Also every guy and gal loves them. 

If you don't have time to prep the pork with all your daytime beach activities I urge you to at least try the corn salad, it is also so so so easy and delicious! I don't want to be a competitive cook, but last year it was the first dish to run out, hehe. 

I actually haven't tried this yet but how could anyone go wrong with the words mojito and spritzer in the same sentence?

What's on your BBQ menu this year? 

- Suzanne