Summer Bedrooms

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Elle Decor

Did everyone put in their AC units last weekend? Unfortunately my roommates and I were slightly unprepared for the heatwave and forced to sit in the dark relying on breezes. But this week we are getting it together. Not only are we installing AC units, but I am "summerizing" and updating my bedroom and could not be more excited.

I am finally getting a new mattress (yay to growing up and getting rid of that leftover queen mattress I took from my house after college), switching out my winter duvet cover for a lighter weight one, and for the first time ever, I am installing an AC unit in my one window (sigh, it has to happen). 

For more stylish decor updates I am debating doing a solo craft night and spray painting

this vintage fan

. It could be a fun but practical decor piece, don't you think? Lastly I hope to finally find time to drop off

this print

to be framed! 

- Suzanne