The Week of July 14

Its mid-July: the peak of summer. Time to narrow down your summer to-do list! Here is the weekly JUGs guide to what is going on this week.
K E E P  C O O L
It is going to be a hot one so, for those of you without adequate air conditioning, I suggest checking out Despicable Me 2 - I've heard it is even better than the first. And since it will definitely be too hot to be using the oven, its the perfect time to hit up Remy's in the Seaport District for some grub while catching the game (and keeping an eye out for cute boys, of course).  I also plan to enjoy some AC at the MFA this week because I am dying to check out the new Hippie Chic exhibit.
T A L K  O F  T H E  T O W N
The JUGs were still reeling with the news of not guilty verdict for George Zimmerman when we heard the tragic news that Glee's Cory Monteith had passed. What a terrible loss for the acting community, and another reminder of the all-too-common outcome of drug use.
On an upnote, Kate is going to drop that royal baby bomb any time now! We CANNOT WAIT to hear if its a prince or a princess!!!!!
Have a great week gals!
- Cameron