The week of June 30th

Hello JUGs! Happy 4th of July week! Hopefully you all have been granted a day or two off to enjoy some red, white and blue festivities. 

Not to get all personal but lately I've been feeling as if I've / we've been tossed around in a large washer machine. So much has been going on! With Alt Summit, blog meetings, blog re-design, plans for the future, finishing up freelance, finding time for friends, and trying to find an hour here and there for myself...whew!! 

And now on to another week! Let's check out what is on our JUGs Approved list for the week: 

Naturally the 4th of July is a big holiday in Boston and on the Cape and Islands. If you are traveling to the Cape and Islands be sure to check this post and this post on vacation and travel resources. Also be sure to plan in advance as route 3 will be crazy, just like it was on Memorial Day!

If you are staying in Boston there are great options for you to beat the heat. Check out the Revere Hotel for a fancy pool bar experience or if you are looking for something more local and low key, you know what we are going to say... Mirabella Pool. For beaches close to Boston that aren't Southie Beach I suggest Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea or Cranes Beach in Ipswich as both are accessible by public transportation. If you're driving you do not need a resident pass, but will have to pay a small fee.

In the evening be sure to stroll over to the Charles River to see The Boston Pops concert on the Esplanade. Watching the pops on the esplanade in person or on tv has always been a tradition in my family, as I'm sure it is in many other Bostonian homes. 

Summer also means outdoor movies. On July 5th E.T. will be playing at the Boston Harbor Hotel as part of their summer movie series.

The 4th is actually my birthday (alongside America's) and I am so excited to be on Nantucket for the week to celebrate my 27th with 16 plus of my favorite people! I'll be checking in on insta and twitter here and there so be sure to check in as well. 

Also on the birthday note (I'm really not trying to bring it up this much, I swear), Bri wrote an amazing reflection post the other week as she too just turned 27. For the record, I agree with everything she says.

B O O K   C L U B
Need a beach read or want to keep up with our book club? This months read is The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. Be sure to pick it up before you head out for the weekend! 

Not happy about being in the office today? You need this song, everybody needs this song. Trust me.  Group Love "Ways to Go"

What are you guys up to this holiday weekend? Be sure to tweet at us and let us know!

- Suzanne