This Thursday we will be attending BostInno's BostonFest, a celebration for all those that a) love Boston and b) work hard, play hard. What's not to love about all that? Yes, maybe all networking events aim to have that agenda as well, but if you haven't been to a BostInno event yet, just know that they throw some of the best. 
Take this Thursday to try something other than Tia's. Head down to the Seaport and enter your company into the Coolest Company Competition or network your way into one of the top ranked.

Not looking for a new gig? Hang with Cam, Meredith and I as we plan to dominate the giant Jenga game and ladder ball stations in between hitting up the food trucks and drink stations!

This Thursday is going to be a good one so come hang with us at BostonFest!  Get your tickets fast, there's only a few left!

- Suzanne

This post is a sponsored post. Thank you to BostInno for making events like this happen.