JUGs-Approved Moving Tips


After four years, I'm moving to a new place!  As exciting as it is to be upgrading to a larger space and planning to decorate it, I quickly remembered what a hassle the moving process can be.  Since my move-in date is within the month, I have to get going!  Here are some tips I have come across that I will be incorporating for myself: Purge // Plan // Be Proactive:

1. Purge: Think about how much you take into your apartment over the course of a year, let alone more than that.  Now, it's time to get everything out.  Spend 10 minutes per day on a different area of your current place and evaluate what you no longer need.  If you have a mover, you're paying for the time it takes them to complete the work, start to finish...imagine how much time you could cut out for them when you are only taking the essentials on with you!  Put that cash toward rent (or a housewarming party).

2. Plan: At first I thought this was just about labeling boxes, but a few of my favorite organizing blogs have inspired me to take this further.  I'm not sure I'll go all-out with a moving binder, but I love the idea of having an "Open Me First" box.  Probably best for that to have an outfit, a few toiletries, Clorox wipes, towel, makeup and basic bedding.  Other boxes can be categorized as you'd like, so you can open and unpack things in an orderly way without feeling completely overwhelmed.  Additionally, having boxes labeled discretely and a separate list of their contents is smart so you do not lose any valuables, say something you might pick up at the next GiltCity sale...

3. Be Proactive: Sure, cardboard boxes are great, but I'm considering renting a few of these eco-friendly containers.  They come at a low price, are uniform in shape which should be helpful to your movers and they're dropped off and picked up for you!  What's not to love?

Any other tips to share with us?  Happy packing!

- Meredith