Legends at Fenway

No, not baseball legends...

You'll know where I'll be tonight.  Still pinching myself that I'm seeing these two handsome guys.  It is the perfect weather for a night out, let alone at Fenway with performances by appropriately-named legends!  From what I've researched, they will not even have an opening act, that's how epic they're expected to be for cities they're touring together...

I came across this recent piece by Jay-Z, Picasso Baby, a mixed-media performance in Brooklyn.  You'll recognize some other famous faces, identified at the end of the short 8-minute film.  I have always admired Jay-Z and think he is truly a philosophical artist.  My favorite takeaway from him in this is: 

"Rap is pretty much thinking out loud, you're talking and you're putting your fears and your vulernabilities, and you're, ya know, you're putting your bravado, insecurities, all on music; And it's there for the world to see.  Out there for everyone to see.  You're really giving a glimpse into who you are."

If he was this interactive with this intimate audience in an art gallery for minutes, I can only imagine the spirit he'll be bringing to Fenway for hours!  If you missed out on tickets, here's a sample playlist of the tour setlist, via Spotify.

No, I didn't forget about Justin.  It's a given that he never disappoints in any of his performances.

Will I see you there?  Any other fun weekend plans?


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