Local Gem: Wingaersheek Beach






One of the reasons we love living in Boston is that we have our pick of hundreds of gorgeous beaches at our finger tips. Revere Beach and the M Street Beach in Southie are just a few minutes away, and more glamorous destinations like

Block Island

,  Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard are only a matter of hours (and more accessible than ever before via the

Cape Flyer

). But what about something in between - less than an hour away but quieter and cleaner than the T-accessible beaches? My pick is Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester, MA. 

1. Wingaersheek is a perfect getaway since it is less crowded than nearby Good Harbor Beach. Even in 80 degree weather this past Sunday, we got parking at noon with no problem! (Which certainly can't be done at all North Shore beaches).

2. This beach is in a protected inlet, which allows the water to get warm - well, 



3. The rocky shore makes for some gorgeous scenery. Don't worry - the beach is covered in super soft sand, the rocks are just pretty to look at and/or climb on. Plus the horizon is framed with the cutest little New England lighthouse. 

4. Got a boat? Or, even better, got a friend with a boat? Boaters can pull right up to the beach and tailgate. fun!

5. The water gets so far out at low tide that sandbars are revealed. Between climbing the rocks, partying with boaters, snapping instagrams of the lighthouse, and swimming out to the sandbar, you'll be able to fill the whole day up without even cracking the spine of your book club book!

6. Have some free time before/after the beach? Downtown Gloucester is an easy 10 minute drive away. I highly suggest going to

Sugar Mags

for the BEST brunch of your life. 

There are only a few summer weekends left, so

pack a beach bag

 with all necessary

beach hair products

 and go explore the North Shore! (Then you have full permission to watch The Perfect Storm and shout "I've been there!" at every scene.)

- Cameron