Bedroom to-do list

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So, after FOUR years, I finally moved into a new space.  Albeit new to me, the space is drastically different from what I've been used to and recognize in the world of real estate.  My bedroom came to me with turquoise walls and purple (yes, purple!) floors, so I've chosen to first neutralize everything. 

My first step is to have the floors painted a glossy black finish and the walls painted grey (thinking BM Owl Gray), in still keeping the white trim. This palette will allow me to play up the bright accessories I have in mind.  When I saw this home tour recently, it inspired me to move forward with a Moroccan theme I had in mind for bedding.  Also hoping to pick up a few vintage accessories tomorrow at Brimfield (psyched for our first visit there)!

The process will probably take a few weeks, but be sure to check back to see the finished product!  I'd love to know how high-gloss floors turn out... any readers have them or seen them in person? Pros/cons?

- Meredith