Daily Read: SMP Living








In growing up on fairy tales, it only seems natural for us gals to fantasize about our "happily ever after" every now and then, no matter how futuristic that day may seem.  Move along,


, there is another cowgirl in town...

Chances are you have heard of the umbrella site of


, a well-known "ultimate" wedding blog. The site has its own magazine, vendor directories and every resource a bride could need at her fingertips in their "

Little Black Book

."  Fellow Boston gal 


has compiled a mecca of creative sources for gals in our city and beyond.  This is a


of information that is all well and good, but again, not applicable to a lot of gals out there who are not quite at that point...


Style Me Pretty Living

.  No matter what your relationship status, this is a must-read.  It is is my newest favorite source of "hubitat" ingenuity.  As someone who always loves snooping at real estate and interiors whenever possible, I quickly added


to feedly since I just moved to a new place that needs A LOT of updating in order to make it my own.

The home tours are especially great since featured spaces are tastefully curated for city dwellers on a budget.  Amidst my own apartment rehab of sorts,

Amber's home

was especially a point of inspiration for me in choosing a color palette and selection accessories for

my space

.  I'm excited to share the finished product in a few weeks!

Go peruse the blog for yourself!  You'll get lost (in the


way) for a while!

- Meredith