Foundations of a Bedroom Makeover

As I've mentioned, I moved into a place this month that needed a little TLC.  Not to toot my own horn, butttt I LOVE the colors I chose and am truly amazed with the progress thus far!  In referencing my inspiration photos, I knew that things would need to start in neutralizing the space, an oddly shaped one at that, and then start to layer on accessories (more on that to come!) as finishing touches.

The first step was to clean the place top-to-bottom (I couldn't have lived with painting over dust).  Done.  Next, the paint job.   If you watch any HGTV, you know one of the main recommendations in a space refresh is paint color.  It automatically changes a space and also affects your mood.  I can't say it has been too fun to wake up hungover to blue light everywhere you look... until you look at the purple floor, that is!

Here's a snippet of how things are coming along since the difference is pretty dramatic, and just plain pretty!  I can't wait to show the finished product!

Here's a before shot, along with a close up of the bizarre color choices by the last tenant.  It was a LOT brighter than it appears:

taken when touring the apartment...
items from Brimfield earlier this month!

And the after:

What do you think??

- Meredith