Daily Read: Meg Biram

Gals, hope you're ready for this!  I wanted to feature someone who seems to be a woman who just does it


.  The pictures above brief you on the mere start to her overflowing resume.  I found

Meg's blog

over a year ago, and since then, she has definitely continued to amaze me over time.  Although you could spend a whole day viewing Meg's various branches of ingenuity, my favorite feature of hers is her

GSD series

 (I'll let you figure out what the acronym stands for).  As much as I enjoy home tours within the blogosphere, Meg takes things a few steps further.  You really feel as though you know the subject and how their keys to productivity by the end of the feature, as well as seeing how they live in their personal environment.  You get to learn about which technology the subject prefers, which apps help aid their success as well as individual businesses of all kinds.  This is such an untapped resource!  Are you seeing why Meg is an entrepreneurial genius yet?

Along with series that spark your own creativity, Meg and fellow blogger


recently launched

the b bar

, a one-stop shop for bloggers looking to learn more about this niche on the internet.  It is the perfect business to offer for all of those "how-to's" even we were wondering when we first launched.  This is not the only place for you to take some of Meg's genius home with you, though... she has a personal shop with stellar one-of-a-kind pieces.  Earlier this year, I snagged a

t-shirt she designed

, and I cannot rave about it enough.  It is one of those items that inspires you with each wear.

One last boast, she co-founded the online gift magazine,

To & From

, my single-favorite gift guide source online last year!  Can't wait for Holiday 2013's to go live!

Alright, enough from my end.  It's time for you to visit Meg's website and explore!  There is


much to see!

- Meredith

photo credits  // all courtesy of megbiram.com