Week of October 28


Can you believe its already the end of October? The JUGs gals are already searching pinterest for some good Thanksgiving recipes! EEEEEK! Anyway, here is the breakdown of everything you need to know this week. (Besides the world series - all I have to say about that is GET BEARD!)


Its Halloween on Thursday! To be honest, I'm not super motivated about dressing up this year. Although, I think it would be pretty awesome (not to mention easy) to dress up as Coach Bill Belichick. For those who haven't quite decided on a costume yet either, here are some important things to keep in mind. There are Halloween parties going on all across the city, but a serious suggestion from 5 years of downtown Boston Halloween experience: sign up for something ahead of time - otherwise the lines can be brutal. And, if you are diehard into Halloween, and haven't ever spent the holiday in Salem, you have to go. It is a must-do experience. 

C A R E E R  G A L S

Tonight is the first annual New England Women in Energy and the Environment Autumn Extravaganza which should be a blast. It is a networking event for gals of all ages in that field (and its....OPEN BAR!) Tickets are available here - or at the door. There are also quite a few tech events going on this week for you computer gals.

F A L L  B A C K

Don't forget to change your alarm on Sunday - its Daylight Savings! If the time change is making you feel weird, this amazing video is sure to make you feel even weirder. On another note, its time to finish William Landay's Defending Jacob because we'll be kicking off November with a new book club book (Monuments Men)

Have a great week and GO SOX!

- Cameron