Gal Gab: Mayoral Election

Today (sadly) marks the end of an era.  Mayor Thomas Menino has been our fearless leader with a two-decade reign.  He has molded our city into quite a place to be proud of, especially this past year.  His grand accomplishments include creating the Innovation District, multiple green initiatives, maintaining a strong economy during the national debt crisis and countless others. Each of the Irish-American candidates have quite a hometown pull, making it as important as ever for us millennials without those loyalties to voice our choice!

Hot topics are of course education, development (I'm wondering how things may change with the BRA...) Read and listen up on candidates Connolly and Walsh here to make sure you know their views on major subjects.  Voting locations can be found here, and polls are open from 7am to 8pm.

Go vote!

- Meredith