Gift Wrap Inspiration

holiday wrapping paper
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As much as I do not miss hustling family members to buy Sally Foster gift wrap to support the hometown PTO (where the sales "skills" start for most elementary children of the 90s, but I digress...), I still do love me some decorative paper.  While I do not have this "art" down to a science, I admire those who are skilled in having their thoughtfulness of the gift translate to its packaging.  My family members always put a lot of effort into this, and I think it might just come down to having "the eye."

You don't even have to spend that much!  Last year, I wrapped all of my holiday gifts in Trader Joe's shopping bags and adorned them in glittery ribbon (basically so they were not mistaken for trash!).  See, easy to do on a budget, and easy for guys who might not want to be in a line at Paper Source picking up some glitzy rolls of gift wrap.  Here are some examples of skilled wrappers I've come across to be my inspiration this gift giving season:


Have you found other styles that you'll be emulating this holiday season?  We'd love to see!  Happy wrapping!

- Meredith