Monuments Men: Discussion Questions

1. Robert Edsel calls the Monuments Men, “The Heroes of Civilization.” What do you think Edsel means and do you agree? 

2. What do you think drove the Men to do what they did and how did they find the strength given circumstances at the time?

3. Discuss Hitler’s obsession with art and his personal connection to art. Do you think there was any correlation between art and power for him? Do you think there is a correlation in society today with art and power?

4. At any point while reading 

Monuments Men

did you think of the war in the Middle East? Are there similar atrocities taking place today? Examples? What’s different?

5. Why do you think this is a relatively unknown story? Is it not interesting? Exciting?

6. During the book did you feel differently about national treasures being stolen rather than a families' personal items being stolen and destroyed during the war?

7. We happened to read this book when new pieces were discovered in


. Did this give you any hope that more pieces are soon to be discovered?

8. If found, should they be returned to their original owners?

9. We often like to choose actors for our book's future movies, but Monuments Men is already set to debut in 2014 (view

 the trailer here

). What do you think of the trailer and the cast?

- Suzanne