Women's Football Clinic with Rob Gronkowski

Boston gals love a sports hero. Seriously, did you know that almost 600 people voted for David Ortiz to be Mayor?! These players represent our pride and loyalty - a huge part of our culture. And now that longtime Patriots hero Tom Brady is married to a supermodel and in a bunch of shudder-worthy Ugg commercials, Boston gals are craving someone a bit more.....attainable. Rob Gronkowski fits the bill. The 24-year old tight end has a reputation for being a party-loving goofball, and it doesn't hurt that he is good looking.

This week was my birthday, so my sister got me tickets to the Rob Gronkowski Football 101 Women's Clinic, which if I had to describe in one word, would be AMAZE! Attendees sipped on Gronktinis (my prediction that these drinks were going to be original-recipe fourloko was incorrect, they were actually a vodka pomegranate concoction), and then split up into teams of 10 to learn the basics of football.

Our team of Gronk-loving gals dominated all of the drills and scored like a million high-fives from Rob and his older brother Gordie. After the drills and competitions were complete, Gronk gave us a little lecture about plays and signaling with his team. I was actually surprised how eloquent he was (maybe eloquent is a strong word....but whatever....Yo soy fiesta!)

Anyway keep an eye on the JUGs feeds to see some photos of yours truly with Gronk! And see ya'll at the bars to watch the rest of the Pats season.

The event included a silent auction - yes, those are signed semi-nude photos of the football star.

Physical interaction!

Gronk gave us a lecture on what he knows best.

Then, the real coaching began when he taught us how to Dougie!

- Cameron