Discussion Questions for Where'd You Go Bernadette?


Aside from a super-cute cover, Maria Semple's

Where'd You Go, Bernadette?

gives us plenty to discuss!

1. First things first, what letter grade would you give this book and why? 

2. Is Bernadette crazy or just misunderstood? Audrey?

3. Did you find the book relatable, or too far-fetched? Which character did you find most relatable?

4. Were Bee's hateful feelings towards her father in the second half of the book justified?

5. Why Antarctica? Is this symbolic? Did this book make you want to go there?

6. Did you like the format of the book? Would you have preferred it to be written traditionally?

7. Architects and other creatives are often seen as "crazy" by others. Did you see any similarities between this book and Loving Frank

8. Do you think this book is a comedy? beach reading? innovative? immature? How would you best describe the book as whole?

9. Who would you love to see play each character in the movie? (I am thinking Julianne Moore as Bernadette)

- Cameron