Editor's Essentials: Suzanne's Lust List

Per usual my "Christmas List" is all over the place and to be honest I really haven't nailed down specific items. That being said, I am thinking a lot about adding some wardrobe staples like this classic black drop waist dress and low booties, as well as some classic apartment goodies. For example, to add color in a not-so-feminine way, I've got my eye on these euro shams and this fun jungle pillow. I love a good style read and coffee table book, so Alexa Chung's new book, It, is very high on my list as well. To organize my bureau I love the idea of this antler jewelry organizer and this adorable jewelry box. Other random things on the list: gold circle mirror, ombre faux fur throw, leopard fold over clutch for nights out with the gals, mirrored sunglasses, happy art prints, simple earrings, and of course, I always love a new 'stick.

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- Suzanne