Holiday Gift Guide Vol. 7: The Unknown

For our last installment of

gift guides

we are featuring the perfect gift for "the unknown." What we mean is, for that person that you barely know, or if you do know them, seems to have it all, is extremely picky and is just all around impossible to buy for. Let's be honest, we've all got somebody that fits into this category. And if any of you are turning to gift cards this year, here's a little information to make you feel less guilty: according to


, gift cards are the hottest gift item for 2013. 

To complete the perfect gift card purchase we've got the round up of the best cards to give and receive. After all, no one wants one that they'll never use!

1. First off, the ultimate gift card for all is the

American Express card

that can be used virtually anywhere. No need to say more.

2. For foodies and health nuts we recommend cards to

William Sonoma


Whole Foods

. Trust us, these are great for purchasing any guilty pleasure food items that you wouldn't necessarily buy yourself on an average day (hello, tis the season to 'treat yoself').

3. For a tech enthusiast or student, an




card is sure to get good use towards a larger, much wanted item. Like the AmexCard, an Amazon card can be used purchase nearly anything.

4. Lastly, for that girl or woman that is impposibly picky - a


card (hello, the candy story of pampering products) or a


card (good for Piperlime, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta) will be much appreciated. 

- Suzanne