Last Minute Beauty

New Year's Eve came out of nowhere this year didn't it? This winter has been so crazy, I'm still amazed how fast the time has flown! Unfortunately, as NYE falls mid-week I am in the office today and won't have much primp time before the night out in the city. My friends and I aren't going super crazy with plans, but I do want to get dressed up and make the night special. Like many I turn to Pinterest for quick inspiration, and have found the following ideas suitable for tonight's festivities and my budget: 

G L I T T E R   E Y E L I N E R

I love glitter and I'll wear it any day, not just NYE or a special night out. I recently discovered this

Urban Decay glitter eyeliner

and love it. At first I was afraid it was going to bring me back to my middle school mistakes but honestly it does a lovely job at highlighting your eye by catching the light. I also like that the gold is a subtle alternative to a sometimes harsh black liner. 

C A T   E Y E S

Another popular option is cat eyes which are literally everywhere this year. I'm a little nervous to be attempting cat eyes tonight in my rush primp session, but I do have it on my list of to-do's. I've read many reviews on liquid versus pencil and have decided that my shaky hand will have to go


Thinking about trying it out tonight? I found some awesome how to's




. And if any of you want extra cat eye oomph,

false eye lashes

can be the final touch. 

B O L D    L I P S

As you all know I love lipstick, and the brighter the better, which is why I love the 

Heat Wave

 color by Nars. 

C L A S S I C    L I P S

If you are new to lipstick or cautious with color, this

classic Revlon red

is an affordable and long lasting option. It's also a great idea to test drive new colors with drugstore brands as it is less of a commitment in terms of cost.

If you do decide to wear lipstick, don't forget to bring along


for moisture in between reapplying! 

P A R T Y    N A I L S

Gold or silver? Shiny or glittery? Always a toss up for me. Last week I got a manicure in the Essie

Ignite the Night

and I am obsessed and am looking to get a touch up for tonight.

For a gold option the limited edition 

OPI 18k Gold

nail polish looks a m a z i n g, but the price tag is just ridiculous. I'd say use it as inspiration and find a better alternative, and if any of you find an alternative that is just as chromed out, tell me ASAP!

Hope these last minute primp ideas help you all as you get ready for the big night out! Be safe and have a blast! Cheers to a great end to 2013 and an awesome beginning of 2014!

- Suzanne