Think Pink Exhibit at the MFA

The JUGs love browsing our beloved Museum of Fine Arts every few months - afterall, admission is free after 4pm on Wednesdays. And during my last visit, I was delighted to stumble across the Think Pink exhibit. The exhibit explores the history of the color in fashion and femininity. I was shocked to learn that pink wasn't considered a "girl color" until about 1920! In fact, the exhibit features some great portraits of young boys wearing pink dresses - which apparently, was totally normal at the time.  And don't forget about Jay Gatsby's infamous pink suit, which is also on display (Robert Redford version). Anyway, forget about the boys, Think Pink had some gorgeous dresses on display:

Think Pink also tackles women's love-hate relationship with the color. Pink somehow determines our identity even if we don't even like the color. But for those of us gals that do like pink - bring on the Mattel toys and Lilly Pulitzer!

Portrait from Photographer Jeong Mee Yoon's "Pink and Blue Project"