JUGs 101 in 1001: Writer's Resolutions for 2014 and beyond


Yikes, 2014?!  In honor of the new year, we wanted to share our goals with y-o-u!  Once we read Mackenzie's list of 101 goals in 1001 days (almost 3 years), we decided to follow suit in creating our own lists but of course putting a JUGs-like spin on it.  Since there are three of us who make this blog possible, we'll be presenting a list from each of us over the next three days, starting with our collective goals and those from your truly.


JUGs goals:
  • host a party
  • obtain a sponsor
  • collaborate with at least one of our favorite blogs
  • attend another conference (ALT SLC/SF or BlogHer)
  • steadily build readership by being on the cutting edge of both design and content
  • meet more of Boston's movers and shakers, young entrepreneurs, etc. and feature them in our "Who's That Gal?" column
  • feature more guest authors
  • take more of our own photography
  • become a leading resource for women in Boston
  • co-host interesting cultural events around the city
  • get to know more of Boston's blogging community

Personal goals:

  • attend a concert at Red Rocks
  • take at least two cooking classes
  • throw a dinner party (once I learn how to cook!)
  • start & maintain a gratitude journal
  • "do" Vegas
  • make monthly charity donation (January, February)
  • purge & donate clothes to fine-tune wardrobe
  • be a better listener
  • get personal numerology reading (February 2014)
  • treat my grandmother to a complimentary day out
  • rent a summer house with friends
  • throw a surprise party for family member or friend
  • vacation in Europe for at least one week
  • learn how to curl my hair
  • take self-defense class
  • celebrate St. Patrick's Day in city other than Boston (March 2014, Chicago!)
  • visit a whiskey/bourbon distillery
  • attend the Kentucky Derby
  • take interior design class
  • invest in timeless handbag
  • solidify budget I can stick to
  • organize childhood photos/keepsakes
  • take a trip to the west coast (CA/CO/WA)
  • learn how to golf
  • become better versed in adobe photoshop
  • maintain vacation fund for ongoing wanderlust
  • invest in DSLR camera (and learn how to use it!)
  • read more often
  • continue with real estate classes to complete certificate program
  • join at least 2 professional groups to better network with others in my field

- Meredith