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For this edition of Latest Obsession I am showcasing my favorite trend of Fall / Winter 2013-2014, the sneaker chic look. Finally stylists and bloggers are accepting that sneakers paired with a non-workout outfit is no longer "dorky" and are replacing their favorite heels with a pair of comfortable kicks. As someone who has always had a love-hate relationship with heels and flats, I could not be more relieved. My go to kicks to pair with dresses or skinny jeans include the following (from top left to right):

I love high tops. I've loved them ever since that one time I saw a model (or someone who should've been a model) wearing them while I was abroad in Madrid in 2007. They are super cute with skinny jeans and most often a great conversation starter with guys. Tip: if you don't find the women's styles to be your style, always be sure to check the Nike Boys section as they have comparable sizing, cheaper prices, and tons of color options.

New Balances have always been a classic and I am super pumped about this gorgeous cobalt color. Most people seem to buy their NB in the staple gray color, but this cobalt would go very well with skinny jeans or black leggings - basically what I'm guilty of wearing everyday.

As a long time Vans girl I'm still indifferent about high end brands taking the Vans classic slip on style and selling pairs for high fashion prices. Now I'm not saying I'll never get on board, but I just can't justify buying the Celine pair that MK&A Olsen sport. I could however see myself buying the knock off from Steve Madden in the near future...

Same as above but in leopard print...say no more.

5. Nike Air Max $56
Air Max Sneaks have always been high on my list and now I finally don't have to search through the boy's section as the girls are getting their chance with some super cute new styles like these black and leopard ones. On her blog, Ring My Bell, Ashley Madekwe shows us a flawless way to pair these sneaks with a leather mini and sweatshirt.

Ok, I guess you guys get it by now, I like leopard and cobalt.

I also just love anything neon pink, yellow... or anything neon really. Wouldn't these running shoes be just great paired with your black spandex and comfy T that you wear all weekend for various (and most often non-workout related) actives? I'd say yes.

8. Nike Free 5.0+ $100
I. Love. Nike. Frees. I have a pair in the gray with neon yellow and I'm looking to pick up a more simple black pair soon as well. And then probably another pair, and another...I can't help it! 

- Suzanne

Sneaker Chic Images From: Luella & June

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