Overdrive App for Book Lending


Remember that place called the library?  Yeah, between the holidays and hectic after-work schedule, it had been a while for me, too.  Well, so long as you have a library card, you can borrow books and have them sent right to your iPad/kindle!  A friend of mine walked me through this, and I'm so glad that I no longer have to buy book club books!  Steps are as follows:

1.  Using your library card number, create a pin either at your local branch or online
2.  Install the Overdrive app on your device
3.  Search for the book on the library website

4. Choose "ebook" version, and select "send to kindle" when the amazon prompt appears.

You now have the book on your device for a two week lending period.  Now, off to start (and finish) Beautiful Ruins before next Thursday!  Have you tried the Overdrive app?  Or do you still prefer the classic physical paperback version from the library?

- Meredith