Sweet Lemon Brings Us The News We Want

One of my absolute favorite lifestyle blogs is Sweet Lemon. I love reading content that enriches me in some way and doesn't feel like gossip or a waste of time. This is why I am obsessed with Sweet Lemon's motto, the sexiest trait you can have is a fruitful mind. And while their articles are definitely fruitful, they aren't dry, long, or boring. Every article is written by someone in our generation who really speaks our language. Plus, the site isn't overrun with too much politics or business; there's fun stuff too like beauty, fashion, recipes, and music.

Sweet Lemon has over 100 contributors from around the world, but their content is curated and edited by a team of talented, beautiful young women. Their bios are super relatable with mentions of nutella, Liz Lemon, Instagram, and red lipstick. These are our type of gals! 

images courtesy of Sweet Lemon

Doesn't hurt that their website is beautifully designed either! Some of my fav recent articles include:

Happy reading!
- Cameron