Writer's Resolutions in 2014 and Beyond

To continue on with our 101 in 1001, here are my 30 resolutions for the next 1001 days. Mostly this year I plan to appreciate each day and live in the moment (for people like me that can be really hard). I want to learn how to better organize my day and spend less time doing "less important" things and more time doing worthy, reflective and rewarding life experiences. So without further babbling, here are my 30 goals:

1. Take risks. 
2. Figure out a better work-life balance
3. Get stronger and better at yoga
4. Take a trip in the US
5. Take a trip out of the US
6. Update my portfolio 
7. Send out valentines
8. Re-upholster something
9. Frame something I made
10. Go skiing
11. Go camping
12. Go surfing
13. Volunteer
14. Teach someone something
15. Take a painting class
16. Save $75 from every paycheck
17. Learn to make sushi
18. Start and finish Breaking Bad
19. Read a novel by Jane Austen
20. Buy a sun hat
21. Go to a Broadway show
22. Join a new group or organization
23. Brew my own beer
24. Buy a piece of art
25. Run a charity race
26. Start a collection
27. Go to a November Project Destination Deck Session
28. Get my dog a best friend
29. Invite my family over for a home cooked dinner
30. Throw out clutter

- Suzanne

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